Meta 2 Augmented Reality Development Kit

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The Meta 2 development kit enables you to create holographic apps and experiences. The headset displays holograms and digital content, comes with a software development kit (SDK) built on top of Unity (the most popular 3D engine in the world), and includes Workspace, Meta's new AR operating environment that has been built based on our AR design guidelines.

The Meta 2 DK Includes:

  • Meta 2 headset
  • Workspace: operating environment for developers, designers, and innovators
  • SDK to build and share AR apps and experiences

Meta 2 Tech Specs

  • 90° field of view (largest of any headset) for highly immersive AR experiences
  • 2.5K (2550x1440) resolution with 21 pixels per display at 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Four speaker near-ear audio system
  • Nine-foot HDMI cable for video, data, and power
  • 720p front-facing camera
  • Sensor array for hand interactions and positional tracking

Recommended PC Requirements

  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD R9 280
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 (desktop CPU)
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Game Engine: 64-bit Unity 5.3x
  • Storage: 10GB
  • Video: HDMI 1.4b
  • Sound Card: Intel HD-compatible sound card
  • USB Ports: USB 3.0
  • OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or newer