SteamVR - WebVR

The Meta 2 AR headset SDK now supports SteamVR and WebVR, making it easy for developers who have built applications to add support for the headset.
If you’ve been building SteamVR applications with the OpenVR API, this now means you can bring those immersive experiences to life in the Meta 2 without having to recode. Meta aims to build a thriving AR ecosystem on SteamVR, and this new integration represents a first-step that will allow developers to quickly port their content into the Meta 2 and render high-quality 3D holograms in the headset.  For the time being, Meta will offer rendering which allows you to see your holograms with SteamVR support. In the near future, we’ll integrate hands and optimized tracking similar to our current SDK.
One of the biggest challenges in developing immersive WebVR experiences today is that immersion takes you away from your developer tools. With Meta’s new augmented reality headset, you can work on and experience WebVR content today without ever taking a headset on or off, or connecting developer tools to a remote device.
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